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Language vs communication

Ah, I see. Thank you, John M, for the clarification.
Apparently we have been an unwitting object lesson in how painful it is to be misunderstood and how easy it is to misunderstand. Hopefully we can also serve to illustrate that it can also be rebalanced.
I think my biggest problem with communication is that I try so hard to say what I mean and mean what I say; with precision... as well as taking extra time to work to eliminate tactlessness without eliminating meaning, that to then be misunderstood really throws me sometimes.
On top of that, I thought you were giving me another treatise on "political correctness" and I've had a belly full. So, my exasperation was showing. I see now that it was unwarranted and I apologize.
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Sorry, I have to leave in long precedents.
Dear Judith, you once wrote that you have troubles understanding the lnguage I use. I see it now, how.
> I thought I WAS being nice.<
Of course you WERE, I was referring to your probable contact to Antonella, if you devcide to do so. Nice: meaning not using RR-quotes to begin with, making friends with her first (you are pretty good at that), finding out her positions in the questionable points etc. - I have no intention to teach negotiation here.
>I don't see Antonella Vannini as being a member of any
"oppositional camp"; ...<
Nor do I - just pointed to a delicate possibility if she may fear of reducing the appreciation of her compatriot scientist. Maybe I am exaggerating my diplomatic precautions.
I don't see your hurtful retort warranted. I had no such thing in mind - or as far as I know - in my words either - to get a teaching.
I agree totally with your last paragraph.
(BTW I had no idea that you already HAVE contacted her I had the impression that you plan to).
John M